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Stealth UK

eConn Stealth Resume Parser 2.8.2:- This is basically HR Software....

eConn Stealth Resume Parser 2. 8. 2:- This is basically HR Software. This software is used for extracting information like(First Name, Last Name,Address,City,State,Zipcode,Phone,Emailaddress,Category,Skills,Education) from the candidate resume.

This software extract the information. This software basically extract information from resume which is in the form of doc,docx,rtf,txt,html. Latest Feature:1.

Sugar CRM or an open XML Integration2. CRM Integration /Excel Export 20073. Zoho CRM 4. Resume parser 2. 8. 2 can save multiple email and Phone numbers in database.

Features1. Stop Duplicacy: With the help of this feature you can stop entry of duplicate resume from being stored into database. 2. Categorization: With the help of this feature you can able to know the person specialization in particular field3.

In this software you can extract the above information from the resumes of candidates which you have stored in some particular folder on your computer.

4. With this software you can also extract the information from the attached resumes of candidates which he/she sent you on POP3 server. 5. In this software you are provided with four options where you want to store the extracted information.

These options are sql, MS-Access, Xml, and CSV. 6. In this you can also maintain the logs of failed resumes (those resumes which are not processed because of some reasons) and passed files in text file7.

You can also make folders in which you can save passed files and failed files. 8. You can save your setting in config so that next time when you run app you dont need to select options.

9. Stealth Mode: With this option the application will run next time silently in the background without opening any form. 10. Extraction of skills, experience and qualification are the new features in stealth 2.

Stealth  UK


Stealth UK

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